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Official Website of the Northwood-Four Corners Civic Association in Silver Spring, Maryland

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Dues are $15 per household — not individual — per Fiscal Year (October through September).  Although dues have remained at $10 per household for more than 20 years, the Board made a decision to finally make an increase in the fall of 2022.  We hope you will still support us!

What Your Dues Pay For

Volunteer Activities (i.e., What Your Dues Do Not Pay For)

For more on what the NFCCA Board does, see Serving on the Board.

Please note that meetings are open to anyone, paid member or not, but only members may vote.

How to Join

Pay Online

Due to popular demand, the NFCCA now accepts dues payment online.  Online payments via PayPal can use either a debit card, credit card or, if you have one, a transfer from your own PayPal account.  (There is no additional amount you need to pay to cover fees charged by PayPal.)  Either fill in the form below or scan the QR code at the bottom to reach PayPal.

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