Northwood News ♦ February 2017

Students Offering Skills, Services to be Listed in Next Newsletter

By Sharon Canavan

The flyer on the back page of this newsletter describes the Snow Angels program for volunteers to shovel snow for our neighbors in the community who need assistance with this task.

NFCCA also wants to give students who would like to earn some extra money an opportunity to list their contact information in the newsletter.  Any student with skills — such as tutoring or babysitting, or who would like to provide help with gardening, lawn care, snow removal, leaf raking, pet sitting or walking, or other household help (for pay) — should send their contact information and a description of their skill or service to editor at nfcca dot org.  It is suggested that any teen interested in being listed set up a separate email from their usual one (that can be deleted in a year or two) as the newsletter also appears online.

The April edition of the News will include a section for “Students Offering Skills and Services,” which will be periodically updated and included on the website.  (Note:  The June issue will focus on home improvement and include a directory of service providers; there will be a small fee for inclusion.  See the April issue for details.)   ■

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