Northwood News ♦ December 2016

Park Committee is Now Forming

The year 2016 marked the end of a chapter and beginning of a new one for North Four Corners Park.  After many years of advocacy by NFCCA residents and Board members, a new park opened for use.  The park has new playground facilities, a new regulation-size soccer field, and a revamped unstructured play area, all surrounded by an asphalt walking path and parcours exercise stations.

Residents seem to be enjoying the new park, which is being well-used by all ages.  Many aspects of the design and amenities included in the new park reflect suggestions made by NFCCA members during the design phase, and those who were involved in the long and often passionate discussions should take great pride in the pleasure residents are receiving from the new park.

The park is an important amenity for our neighborhood, but, without proper management, it can also become a nuisance to nearby residents.  As the park transitions from a “new” park, our neighborhood has a significant stake in ensuring that the park and facilities are maintained in good condition, that programming of the soccer field is well-managed, and that the neighborhood is involved in decisions made by Parks and Planning concerning the park to ensure that the park continues to provide pleasant recreation opportunities for all neighborhood residents.  To ensure that the collective views of the neighborhood are represented as NFCCA continues to work with Parks and Planning staff, incoming NFCCA President David Rotenstein has asked outgoing President Laura Hussey to chair an NFCCA Park Committee to serve as a point of contact for neighborhood residents as well as for Parks and Planning staff responsible for the park.

Two other NFCCA Board members, Kevin Harris and Sharon Canavan, have volunteered to serve on the Park Committee.  We are looking for a couple of other neighbors with an interest in serving on this committee, to represent a diverse group of park users and areas of expertise.  If you are interested, please contact Laura Hussey [contact information redacted] or any NFCCA Board member.  An initial committee meeting will be held in January 2017.   ■

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