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Dues are $10 per household — not individual — per Fiscal Year (October through September), unless you are paying online (see more information below).  Dues have remained at $10 per household for more than 20 years!  [Check your member status here.]

What Your Dues Pay For

  • Printing our newsletter, the Northwood News, five times a year (see issues here).
  • Renting the All-Purpose Room at Forest Knolls Elementary School for our meetings.
  • Hosting this website.
  • Our “” domain name.
  • Purchasing 1,500 envelopes and labels once a year for dues return envelopes in the October newsletter.
  • Raffle items at the bimonthly meetings (some of these are donated).
  • A few special projects, such as the five Little Free Libraries set up around our neighborhood.
  • Expenses for the annual National Night Out (held the first Tuesday in August at Forest Knolls Pool) and other community events.
  • Outdoor signs that announce both general and special meetings (which periodically need to be replaced).

Volunteer Activities (i.e., What Your Dues Do Not Pay For)


  • The individuals who serve on the NFCCA Board volunteer their time and resources to this community by writing letters to express our community’s approval or disapproval for County plans affecting us, attending County meetings, testifying before the County Council or other government agencies, keeping track of County and State legislation affecting our neighborhood, serving on County committees (such as the Citizens Advisory Council) or other groups (such as the Presidents’ Council of Silver Spring Civic Associations, or PREZCO).  For example, in 2017, the Board coordinated a write-in campaign to get our streets repaved.

Community Events

  • Arrange speakers for our bimonthly meetings, baking treats for attendees’ enjoyment at the meetings.
  • Plan and host National Night Out community get-together in August.
  • Developed a “Snow Angels” program for residents, which solicits volunteers for those in the neighborhood unable to shovel their own sidewalks.



  • Researching and writing stories for the newsletter we hope will be of interest to our community.
  • Soliciting ads for the newsletter to help defray some of the costs.
  • Designing, editing, and laying out the bimonthly newsletter; dealing with advertisers; collecting payment for ads.
  • Distribution of the Northwood News to every home, carried out by 47 volunteers covering 49 routes.  (Our distributors range in age from a pair of twin Middle-Schoolers to a gentleman who just turned 100 years old.)  Arranging alternates to deliver the newsletter for a route when the distributor is away or has withdrawn from delivering.  Attaching labels to 1,500 envelopes and stuffing the October issue of the newsletter with those treasurer-addressed envelopes.
  • Printing cover sheets for each newsletter distributor and keeping track of all those frequently changing distributors.  Counting out and bagging the newsletters for each of the distributors, and delivering those bags of newsletters to every single one of the 47 distributors.  John and Bette Hill on Pinewood Avenue have our sincerest gratitude for taking on this task for so many years!

Web Presence

  • Maintaining the website, adding additional information as conditions change and the latest newsletter stories when each issue comes out.
  • Developing and maintaining social media platforms:

Financial Management

  • Paying bills associated with NFCCA activities and communications.
  • Depositing checks from newsletter ad revenue and resident dues.
  • Reconciling our bank account every month and reporting on our finances at every meeting.
For more on what the NFCCA Board does, see Serving on the Board.

Please note that meetings are open to anyone, paid member or not, but only members may vote.

How to Join

There are now three ways to pay your $10 dues to join the NFCCA:

  • Check,
  • Cash, or
  • Online.

Checks or cash may be paid in various ways:

  • Mail your check, payable to “NFCCA,” to our Treasurer, Sondra Katz (10905 Lombardy Road).  Please don’t mail cash.
  • Deliver your check or cash to the Treasurer at her home through her mailslot.
  • Hand your payment (cash or check) to the Treasurer or other NFCCA Board member at one of our meetings.
  • Call Northwood News Editor Jacquie Bokow (301.593.8566) and a Board member will pick up your payment and, if in cash, will give you a receipt (if requested).

Pay Online

Due to popular demand, the NFCCA now accepts dues payment online.  Online payments via PayPal can use either a debit card, credit card or, if you have one, a transfer from your own PayPal account.  Because of fees charged by PayPal, however, dues paid online are $11 instead of $10.

Payment Choices
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